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    What's the idea? My younger son kept asking to see my bio on my personal website, because it listed his name at the bottom. So I decided to make him a simple, colorful one-page website. He loved it! He gets to type in the web address, see his name, and the activity badges he picked out. Then I thought, maybe other kids would be delighted by the same idea.

    I refer to myself as an Occasional Webmaster, but I know lots of parents who know nothing about Webdesign. Now, you "know a guy."

    We offer simple, colorful, affordable websites for kids.

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    What about your privacy? We are dedicated to, and serious about, protecting your (and your child's) privacy. We will never include any identifying information, even if you ask us to. We will not include personal photos or links to schools and organizations, email addresses, or links to social media, etc. Nothing that can reveal a child's address or location, or provide a means of contacting your child. We have children, too. We store records of orders and transactions in a local (not online) password-protected database.

    We use PayPal™ for payments, so no financial information is ever stored by us. I am Teacher, a Notary Public (with annual background checks and privacy training), and a parent of two children under 18.

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